Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Year One

We've made it. The exciting, exhilarating, yet frustrating adjustment of the first year of marriage is over. And adjustment is exactly what it has been.

It only feels likes a few weeks ago when I was putting on the final touches for the big day. I had never been more excited, anxious, and happy in my life. The hours I put into making decorations, printing invitations, and organizing the details had me worried the it would all come together in a non-tacky, storybook kind of way. My amazing friends and family worked so very hard to set everything up the day of, and when I pulled up to the gardens, I was elated. It was better than I had ever imagined. It was undoubtedly my dream wedding (husband included).

I could go on and on how perfect and beautiful of a day it was, but I will spare you of an obnoxious rant and share pictures instead because who wants to read a long, boring post when they can look at pictures, right? I'll just say that it was a wonderful kick-off to what has been one of the most life-changing, rewarding years of my life. From a move from TN to SC, then SC to ME, and soon to move from ME back to SC all in the first year of marriage has not been easy, but it's been an incredible journey so far. It's made us completely rely on each other for all of our needs, which has taught us far more about ourselves and one another than we ever could have learned otherwise. We've realized that marriage takes daily work. Whoever said you could live on love must have had a short marriage. Though the whole idea of a 'lovey dovie,' 'I get butterflies every time you walk in' kind of marriage is nice to daydream about when you're dating, it just isn't real life. There are days when I'm so frustrated that I just have to find some coupons to cut before I go off, and that's where love comes in. I'm exceptionally blessed to be living this awesome life God has given me with such a wonderful, funny, loving, crazy smart, easy-going man.

(Jessie Holloway truly is the best!)



Here's to many more...

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