Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Extraordinary Maine Morning

After a long, hard week of grocery shopping, cooking, a little cleaning, occupying Planet Fitness, exhausting the web with my jobs searches, watching The Chew, and cuddling with Walter (our cat) it's nice to have a nice, relaxing Saturday morning with the hubs. Yeah, I understand that this is a very slow season of my life, but I might as well enjoy it while I can, right? 

Anyways...I like traditions. Now that I have a small family of my own, Patrick and I have tried to start a few traditions that will hopefully carry on when we have a larger family one day. One of those traditions, which is a very common one, is weekend pancakes. I've made them from scratch just about every weekend since we've been married (give or take a few that we've been out of town). It seems like I've tried a different recipe every time, but this morning was exceptionally good. I usually make whole wheat or oatmeal pancakes, but I went with the grand supreme this morning...chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes. Light, fluffy, chocolaty...perfection. Plus the fact that hubs does the dishes, makes them taste that much better. 

This post isn't about pancakes, I promise. But it does add to the simplicity of our Maine mornings. This morning is extra special. We're packing up for a short ski getaway at Sugar Loaf. We're staying at a quaint B&B tonight and skiing all day tomorrow. Pictures to come. 

As we leisurely gather our things, I get to enjoy Walter running sluggishly prancing around the apartment, and Pat sweetly serenading me in the other room. 

This was a time I tried a sweater on Walter. He went limp, so after about 5 minutes of laughs I decided to take it off. I need to find an outfit he can actually run around in. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I think Walter knows that we'll be out of town for a day. He's been acting very strange this morning. Moping around and meowing a lot (he rarely ever meows). Who knows? It may just be me subconsciously thinking he's going to miss us because we're going to miss him, even though it's just for a day. Weird, I know. We're "those" people. I'm not too good to admit it. 

So to save a few bucks at the slope we decided to pack a few snacks/lunch. Slope food is pricey. I thought I would pack some good fatty protein and potassium (hence the graham crackers filled with PB and bananas) and hubs threw up a big box of oatmeal creme pies. I didn't object. I threw in a couple sandwiches and water as well (not pictured). 

Even though I love my lazy Saturdays with Patrick, I'm ready to hit the road for a new adventure!

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