Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Little Things

I had a couple topics in mind for today's post, but thanks to my wonderful mom and a couple yummy recipes I've decided to share some happy thoughts with y'all on this Tuesday.

I've spent the majority of my day cleaning, collecting coins, and doing laundry. Collecting coins has recently become a hobby of mine because it takes 16 quarters to do 2 loads of laundry! Who just has 16 quarters laying around? Pat and I live in a house with six other tenants and we all share the same coin operated, monopolizing, thief of a washer/dryer. Needless to say, nothing goes in the hamper after only one wear. So after my trek to the Rite Aide to cash in some dollars, I got two full loads of laundry done. Hopefully that'll last a couple weeks. So, if you want to generously donate your quarters to the Pat & Diana laundry fund just send me a message, and I'll gladly accept.

Next topic for today: crock pots. Are y'all in love with your crock pots as much as I am mine? It takes away from the two hours and six pots of washing in the evening, so I use mine at least once a week. Today I'm making creamy chicken taco soup.

It looks like something unmentionable right now, but trust me on this...it's going to be yummy! 

After my cleaning and crock potting, I decided I needed my daily mid-afternoon snack. I was going to just brew some coffee, but I was mildly sweating from all of my hard work...(sarcasm), so I decided to go with a cold coffee drink. I brewed 10 cups of strong coffee; stirred 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1/3 cup white sugar in a pitcher; added the coffee and stirred in 1/3 cup vanilla cinnamon creamer. 

It definitely beats spending $4 at DD or Starbucks. It only cost maybe a dollar or so to make a whole pitcher worth of a sweet coffee delicacy. Plus, it makes for great sipping while blogging. 

Next, let's talk about moms. Mine definitely gets the "Greatest Mom Ever" award today (and everyday of course). She's constantly sending me coupons, magazines, food, etc., but today I received this at my doorstep...

Without even knowing that I knocked my other Bath & Body Works candle in the floor on Saturday, shattering it to pieces, she sent me a candle that smells just like all good things that comes with spring. Just what I needed!

Have you watched Not My Mama's Cooking yet? If not, check your local listings and watch it already! Bobby Deen takes his mom's (Paula Deen) recipes and makes them much healthier. It's the ONLY cooking show Patrick enjoys watching with me. I really think that he would watch it without me turning it on myself. I mentioned to my mom that I don't have a cook book and I would like to get Bobby Deen's new book, and low-and-behold, she sent it to me. Isn't she the most thoughtful person ever? It makes me want to pass on the kindness. Y'all should do the same today. :)

It's the little things today that's making this ho-hum Tuesday a great day! 

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