Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here's a Start to Something New!

Welcome to my tiny space is the vast, thriving world called the Internet. This is where I can share my creative ideas (at least I perceive them as creative), fun beauty finds, awesome shopping deals, and give you all a glimpse into my ever-changing, yet stagnant life in Maine. I'm a newlywed who married a pretty cool cat. This guy...

Pretty cute, huh? 

We're both from TN, but we recently moved to Maine for his job. Let's just say the southern charm flew out the door about two thousand miles ago. It's definitely an interesting place. We certainly moved here at the worst possible time of year. I hear the summers are quite spectacular. They don't call is Vacationland for nothing. At least that's what I'm hoping. Anyways, we're only here for 4 1/2 more months (it's not like I'm counting down the days or anything). I'm just a true southern girl, and I belong in the South by golly

Okay, okay...enough of my rambling. I'm currently a stay-at-home wife. I know what you're thinking, "That's not a profession." Trust me, I completely agree! It's not by choice, but when you're uprooted in the middle of winter for six months to a different region, it's a bit difficult to find work. I'll explain later. So, let's just say I have a lot of time to hone in on my creative projects, recipes, and ideas that often get pushed to the corner while in school. I'll also share about life happenings..oh, and my awesome money saving finds! My frugal ways wasn't mentioned in our wedding vows for no reason. Like today for example! I was strolling through Target (only on the inner aisles of course) and I found some Mio for $1.75. Mio is the ONLY way I'll drink water, unless it's mixed with sweet tea. So I throw one in the cart because they're typically around 4 bucks. Then I glanced over and saw Mio coupons in the next aisle down for $1.50 off one, so I threw four more of those babies in the cart. Deals like that put me in a good mood for a whole day and a half. CHA-CHING!

So this is my blog. My venting mechanism of sorts. My way to share with friends and family who are thousands of miles away, and whom I miss oh so very much. Welcome!


  1. Hey Diana! I haven't been on facebook for a while, but I just happened to see this today. I look forward to reading your posts & I hope you & Patrick are doing well. I talked to Patrick about possibly visiting, I'll be in touch :) -LeAnna

    1. Great to hear from you! I hope all is well in Greenville. I'm very jealous of you. It's been a very cold, snowy winter. We're looking forward to getting back this summer, hopefully! We have a place for you and would love for you to visit. Just let us know. :)