Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Ramblings

I have five things, plus one, to share with you today. Enjoy.

Number One:
I'm making an oath today. I'm not getting on Facebook until it's actually warm here. All I've been seeing are posts exclaiming how beautiful of a day it is and how spring has finally arrived. Well, I'm still bundled up in the 20 degree weather in Maine. We've had a mild day or two recently, but I need consistent warmth. Though the whole oath thing might have been an exaggeration, I'm still envious of the fun, warm activities my Southern friends are enjoying today. Think of me as you're frolicking in the sun this weekend.

Number Two:
My mom sent me an enormous amount of coupons, so I spent my Saturday morning clipping coupons and grocery shopping. Ever since I learned that Shaw's, the local supermarket, doubles coupons up to .99 cents I've been saving anywhere from 40-60% on groceries. Today, I saved 45%. I get really excited when the cashier hands me the receipt, and I see that the price is almost half of what it originally was. It's kind of like reading a Facebook status about how warm and sunny it is and I can actually agree.

Number Three:
The only reason I'm blogging right now is one: I'm waiting on my nails to dry; therefore, I'm physically unable to do anything for at least the next half hour; and two: my husband and cat are both conked out, so I have nothing else to do.

Number Four:
Speaking of my husband, I have the best there is. As I was grocery shopping this morning, he swept and mopped the floors (even under the rugs!), did the dishes, and straightened up the apartment without me even having to ask. I'm glad I snagged this guy before some other gal got a chance to!

Number Five:
This evening will consist of pizza and basketball. All three of us filled out a bracket this year. "Did she say three?" Yes, that is not a typo. Walter filled one out too. We flipped a coin for him, but he had a vital role in the whole process. It just so happens that he picked NC State to win, so he wasn't a threat for long. Patrick and I, on the other hand, are neck-to-neck. He chose Louisville, and I picked Michigan. So, it's come down to the final games for the winner to prevail!
Actually, this is reason #3 I'm blogging today. I wanted to document to the world that I chose Michigan before they actually win it all so I can bask in my victory...or tuck my tail when they don't even make it to the championship.

Plus One:
We go to Boston in less than two weeks, and Grandad is flying up two weeks after that. Fun times are a-comin'!

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