Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

This past weekend was a breath of fresh air... literally. Not only did I need a break from work (which I know I just started, but it's been exhausting!), but I've been needing some warm, sunny, relaxing outdoor activity action for some time now.

Patrick and my friend, Will, decided last minute to drive up from New York this weekend, and I'm oh-so-glad he did. Since they both love to hike, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and venture on to Acadia. I went last month with my friend who came in town (which you can check out here), but it was still very cold and snowy, so we just drove around the island for some scenic fun. This time we decided to strap on our hiking boots and go to the top of Dorr Mountain (one of the peaks in Acadia). 

It started off a bit chilly, but the steep steps warmed up our legs in no time. As we climbed higher, we started to get warmer even though the ground was still cover in snow. It made for a very unique hike. One that none of us had ever experienced before. As we were hiking through the slick, deep snow, we could see the ocean the entire time. It was absolutely incredible and rewarding.

I've gone on several hikes in the South, but none compared to this. It wasn't that it was any greater than the southern Appalachian or Cumberland mountains that I've hiked, it was just a completely different kind of beautiful. One that I'm so blessed to have gotten to experience. 

This is one of the many times my slow, heavy foot fell through the snow. Patrick and Will are so swift and light on their feet that they didn't seem to have a problem, but I was falling through every few steps. It didn't take long for the snow to make its way in my shoes, which caused for one of my all time greatest annoyances, wet socks. 

Don't you just hate when you're walking around the house with your warm, cozy socks on and all of a sudden you step in a puddle of melted ice that fell from your ice maker, or the pool of water that your significant other left in the bathroom when he or she jumped out of the shower soaking wet on the floor and not the water absorbing rugs you specifically bought to keep the bathroom floor from getting wet...or cat pee. Oh, you've never stepped in cat pee? Just come visit us because Walter pees all over everything ONLY when we have company. He's extremely territorial and rules the roost at all times, so when someone new intrudes in his space, he'll show you who's boss by peeing on all of your belongings. 

Okay, enough about my wet sock frustration and cat pee. Here's a few more shots from our hike. 

After we made it back down the snowy trail, we decided to explore the rest of what Acadia had to offer. We seriously couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day...well, I wouldn't have minded if it was about ten degrees warmer, but the sun made all the difference. We stopped by Sand Beach and the cliff rock overlook area while we were taking a cruise around the island. 

Being the weirdos that they are, they decided to advertise their employer by wearing mesh and blue jean matching hats.

 Out of all the pictures Patrick and I took this weekend, this is my favorite. The hubs snapped this one on our final stop. I didn't need to edit it or anything. It definitely sums up the beauty of Acadia.

After an exhausting, adventurous Saturday, we joyfully celebrated Easter on Sunday. We worshiped at a local church and I prepared my first Easter dinner, ham and all! Though I wish we could have celebrated the risen Lord with our families, it was special to spend this Easter with just my husband, Will, and of course, Walter. 

What a breath of fresh air!

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  1. Diana! Not only did I love seeing the beautiful pictures of Acadia National Park, but I loved seeing all of your happy faces (including Will!). I will have to make it up to Maine one day, from what I can see it is a must-see!