Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back on Track

We all have a routine. Even the most free-spirited, go-with-the-flow kind of people typically start their day the same way...roll out of bed, go for a pee, pour a bowl of cereal, repeat.

Since moving to Maine, I've fallen into somewhat of a routine. I don't have a strict schedule (it's the least strict schedule since young adolescence actually), but I still have a few things to achieve on a daily basis. I do the dishes, apply for jobs, clean the apartment, cut coupons, go to the store, cook supper, go to the gym, watch The Chew. These things happen every week. Some may consider this boring...I consider this boring on many days, but it's life right now. That's why this week has been a much needed vacation from the humdrum routine I've adopted. 

Lyndsay was in Maine for the past 7 days, and we definitely took a tour of some amazing places. I would give you a day-by-day detailed journal, but unless you're one of our mom's, I would probably lose you by the second day. I'm not saying our week was boring, but I feel as though highlights are plenty good enough for your reading pleasure. 
We started our week with a U Maine hockey game.


There were fights, pucks hitting the glass, the band playing in the background, and the crowd roaring. A typical hockey game for those hockey enthusiasts out there. 

Obviously, we're not one of them, but we really did have a great time. Don't let our expressions fool you. By the way, the game ended in a tie. What the heck?! Two and a half hours for no winners. Or, if your glass is half full, everyone won. That's the way I'm choosing to look at it. 

After some frivolous antiquing the next couple of days, we decided to check out Freeport on Tuesday. It's the LL Bean headquarters, and it has some great outlet stores...and I'm a sucker for a good outlet store. We made a detour to Cousins Island on the way home to check out some of the coast.

 It was basically a lake, but there was no need to be disappointed because the next day we got to experience this...

and this...

We drove through Acadia National Forest, and it absolutely took my breath away. There were snow-covered mountains on my right and a beautiful sandy beach on my left. Incredible! You may notice that we're the only ones on the beach. I'll give you a little hint to why...

It was around 30 degrees and snowing. This may seem miserable to some, but the solitude of the beach was well worth fighting the frigid temperatures. It was really neat to experience this place with no one else around. This  day was by far the highlight of the week.

I absolutely loved having a friend in town and a new face in our apartment, but after she left, I realized how much I missed my husband. He had to work all week, so the only thing he got to do with us was go to the hockey game last weekend and dig into a real Maine lobster (no pictures, unfortunately). I felt bad doing all these fun things without him, but it makes me appreciate his hard work that much more. So after cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and going to the store after Lyndsay left, we had a Batman and Breakfast night. (Breakfast for dinner and The Dark Knight Rises if you're wondering)

A boring Friday night fits perfectly in my routine. It's nice to be back on track. 

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