Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring, Y'all!

Spring makes me think of many happy things: tulips blooming in the quad at Tech, warm afternoons, rainy nights, running outside in shorts, flip flops, and best of all, the smell of summer just around the corner.

Here is something the thought of spring does not bring to mind....

Neighbor's car

A beautiful, powdery foot of snow just screams spring, dontcha think?

Just last week it was in the 40's, all the snow was finally gone, and the sun was out. "I made it!" "No more winter!" Then boom. I was viciously fooled. I do agree that the snow is pretty and snow days are nice, but the kind of snow in Maine is a nuisance. 

For example, I was on my way to pick up the hubs at work yesterday during the snow storm, and while gradually stopping for a red light like a responsible driver, an old man slid right in the back of our new Jeep! He came up to my window and said that it didn't leave any marks. I doubtedly got out of my car into the blizardy tundra with cars backed up behind us to check out the damage. He wiped the snow off of my bumper, and surprisingly, I didn't see any scratches either. Being the smart young woman that I am, I said, "I'm still going to need to write down your insurance information." And that's when he said, "Oh, this is my son's car. I don't have the insurance for it." Great! Here I am with an old man with no insurance, standing in the middle of the road in a bitter snow storm, with no visible scratches on my bumper. What do I do? Get his number and get out of there. Once I got to Patrick's work, we looked at the bumper a little more and noticed the underneath of the bumper was scratched up. It's not anything visible, the man doesn't have insurance, and hey, it's a jeep, it's suppose to be roughed up a little bit, so we're letting it slide. Is that the wisest decision? If I'm a jerk, then no, but sometimes it's better to just carry on in life. 

Strong Blonde

Lately, I've been bored with my hair and have been wanting to try something different. I've really been digging this subtle ombre look going around. 

Some may think, "That's just gloried, trashy roots, honey." Well, maybe, but I like the subtle definition it gives to your hair. So, after watching several YouTube videos on DIY ombre, I decided to trek down to the Rite Aide in this... get this...

After the fear of screwing up my hair and having to cut it into a pixie, I thought, "Oh yeah, this is going to be so cool!"

I ripped open the box, read the directions, mixed up the magic concoction, and my new look was only a half hour away. About thirty minutes later, I went to look at the shampoo that came in box and noticed that it wasn't there. In it's place was the activating cream that was suppose to be part of the magic concoction. That means I waited for half an hour with shampoo in my hair. I hurriedly mixed in some of the cream and rubbed it in my hair and let it set for about ten minutes. Needless to say, my cool ombre hair is a little more "subtle" than what I was going for. To my defense, the cream and shampoo came in very similar tubes. Lesson: read the instructions AND the tubes.

On the Brighter Side

 Walter loves sleeping with his toys. I can't blame him. As a little girl, I felt sorry for my Barbies if they slept alone on the floor, so they usually cozied up with me.

Out of all of Walter's toys, this squirrel/chipmunk thing is his absolute favorite. We call him Poe. He cuddles it, licks it, sniffs it. Let's just say Poe is his "special" pal. This is probably because we put cat nip in it. I think this stuff intoxicates Walter, but I just like to think that he is taking care of Poe as if it's his child, which is sweet, right?

Okay, I think I'm done with my stories. Your time invested reading this post should be rewarded. So go eat that oatmeal cream pie you've been thinking about and ponder the cuteness of Walter. It will do you some good. I promise.


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